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The RepricerExpress Billing FAQ holds the most common questions you might have regarding your RepricerExpress bill.

Q. When will I Be Billed?
A. Your billing date is 15 days after the start of your RepricerExpress trial. If you are unsure of when your billing date is and have paid before you can check this by selecting "My Account" then "My Billing History." Your billing date is two days before your end date, so we can attempt to take payment three times before your account is automatically closed on your end date if your payment has failed on all three occasions. Please note if you are cancelling your account will need to give us enough notice before your billing date to avoid paying for the following month.

Q. What Payment Methods Does RepricerExpress Accept?
A. We accept many payment methods including Mastercard, Visa, Delta, Switch, Solo, Laser and Maestro.

Q. My Card Doesn't Have a CVN Number?
A. SellerExpress require a CVN Number to process payments. You will need to use a card with a CVN number.

Q. Where Do I Enter My Payment Details?
A. You can enter your payment details by selecting "My Account" then "My Card Info"

Q. How Do I Update My Payment Details?
A. You can update your payment details by selecting "My Account" then "My Card Info"

Q. When I enter my card details do I get charged?
A. When you enter your card details for the first time your card will be charged 2p which will then be voided. This is to make sure you card details are correct.

Q. Where Can I see My Billing History?
A. You can see a full billing history by selecting "My Account" then "My Billing History"

Q. Where Can I Print An Invoice?
A. You can print an invoice by selecting "My Account" then "My Billing History"

Q. What Do I Do If I Have A Question About My Bill?
A. Get in touch with support at support@repricerexpress.com and we'll be able to answer your questions.

Q. What Happens If I Miss A Payment?
A. If you miss a payment we will automatically attempt to take payment the next two days at 2pm. You will be informed that you missed a payment with an email to the email address you use to login to RepricerExpress.

Q. What Happens If I Miss All Three Payments?
A. If you miss all three payments then your RepricerExpress account will be automatically closed, please contact support@repricerexpress.com for assistance.

Q. My Account Has Been Closed, How Do I Enter My Card Details?
A. If your account has been closed you will need to email RepricerExpress support and we'll get your account restarted.

Q. I have been charged a 'Foreign Payment Fee' along with my payment, why is this?
A. RepricerExpress is a United Kingdom based company. If you are based elsewhere in the world your bank may charge a small additional fee for translations to other parts of  the world. You should contact your bank to be sure.

If you have any other questions regarding billing you can contact support at support@repricerexpress.com.

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