(D) My Skus Are Not Showing In My RepricerExpress Account


There Can be a number of reasons why your products have not imported into your RepricerExpress

  • Your initial import should only take about 45 minutes or so, if your import is taking longer than that you will have to continue to the dashboard. We will download your active listings every few hours, this will only start once you continue to dashboard.
  • Within a few hours your products should be showing in your account, and any new products you add after this will show a few hours later after you have added them to your marketplace.
  • Once you have done your initial import and your products are ready for min and max to be set,  RepricerExpress will not download any new listings until you have set your min and max prices for these products.
    How to set Min and Max Prices.
  • We will only download active in stock listings, so any inactive listings with 0 stock will not be imported, if these listings do become active they will then be imported into RepricerExpress.
  • For RepricerExpress to work with your listings you will also have to have a sku and a title for your listings. On Amazon the sku is called Merchant Sku and on Play the sku is called  Reference code. You will have to make sure you have both these for each of your listings so that RepricerExpress can download them
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