(D) Using Build International Listings on Amazon


What is Build International Listings?

The Build International Listings tool on Amazon enables users to create and update listings at the same time across multiple Amazon Europe marketplaces.
The user selects a source marketplace where their listings currently exist and identify a target marketplace in which they currently have no offers. 
Build International Listings will perform the following automatic functions:

  • It creates listings on multiple target marketplaces based on products they are selling in one source marketplace.
  • Whenever they add a listing or delete a listing, it updates listings in the target marketplaces.
  • It adjusts their target marketplace prices based on source marketplace prices following the pricing rules they assigned to each target marketplace.
  • It adjusts prices in the target marketplaces to reflect exchange rate fluctuations between the source marketplace and the target marketplace currencies.

When a RepricerExpress customer has the Amazon Build International Listings enabled on their seller account when the source marketplace is updated with a new price in RepricerExpress this changes the price on the target market place also. But when the source market place is updated in RepricerExpress it disables the connection between the source and target marketplaces on their Amazon account and prices and then no longer changed.

If the user makes any changes in the target marketplace (for example, if you change the price of a listing, add a listing, or delete a listing), the connection between the marketplaces will be disabled. When a connection is disabled by the system, it will have the same effect as when you remove the connection.

Once this happens their listings on the target marketplace will still be active but will not be synchronized with the listings in source marketplace.
The tool will not automatically update prices of each listing on the disconnected target marketplace based on the source marketplace price changes or exchange rate fluctuations. 
If they add a new listing to the source marketplace, the new listing will not be listed on the target marketplace automatically.
If they remove a listing from the source marketplace, the product will not be removed from the target marketplace.

If the user adds products to their source marketplace and the connection is disabled they need to -

Remove their connection then delete their listings on the target marketplace then create the connection again.

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