(D) RepricerExpress Is Not Updating My Price(s)


There can be a number of reasons why your price will be correct in RepricerExpress, but you might have a different price on Amazon or Rakuten Play. The most common reasons may be that you have changed the price directly on your marketplace or are using another tool. Here are more details on this below.

If you are using another pricing tool software then this can cause pricing errors. If your price is correct on RepricerExpress, but you are using another tool then the price on your marketplace may be incorrect. If you are testing RepricerExpress but are still using your old system for repricing, we would advise to keep repricing in safe mode so you can test how RepricerExpress will work for you without changing any prices. Once you link your account you will be automatically set in safe mode until you enable your account. If you want to use RepricerExpress to reprice your accounts then we would advise turning off your other tool as running both will cause pricing errors.

If you change your price directly on Amazon or Play, but the price in RepricerExpress is correct according to your rules then RrpricerExpress will not update your price. When the price checking runs it will check your price in RepricerExpress and check that against your competitors prices, and if that is still the correct price then we will not change your price. So if you are changing any prices we would advise to make those changes in RepricerExpress to avoid any issues.

Another reason that RepricerExpress may not be updating your price would be if you have not enabled your account, please see the links below to link your Amazon or Rakuten Play accounts

How Do I Link My Amazon Account?
How Do I Link My Rakuten Play Account?

If you have checked all these possibilities and your but looks like your price is not matching up for a different reason please contact us at support@repricerexpress.com and our support team can help

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