(D) How Do I Set Currency Rates?


[You can access this screen by selecting 'Pricing Settings' then 'Currency Settings' on your Menu]

If you want to price check multiple marketplaces through the same RepricerExpress account you may need currency conversion rates set. These rates will translate your Min / Max prices from your base Currency to the local currency of your other marketplaces. For example, Pounds to Dollars. 


RepricerExpress will by default automatically set these exchange rates daily based on the Google Finance rates.If you want to control these yourself you can change the setting to 'Manual' in which case you can update the rates as you need to. Some sellers may prefer this so they can manipulate rates to be what they need them to be.

There is an rate available for each marketplace currency that RepricerExpress integrates with.

NB. For the currency rate you selected for you RepricerExpress account the 'base' to this currency rate will always be 1 (i.e. no conversion).

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