(D) How Do I Modify My Channels or Pricing Plan?


You can add or remove channels easily from your RepricerExpress account via the 'Modify My Plan' link on the 'My Account' link on the top right corner of RepricerExpress.

Here you simply tick/untick the channels you wish to reprice on.

You can also use this screen to change your pricing plan e.g. as your inventory grows or shrinks - or as you add/remove channels - you may need to revise what pricing plan you want.

Note - That if you choose a pricing plan which is insufficient for your number of repricing SKUs - then some items will not reprice.
Note - if you add in a new channel - we advise you review your pricing rules for this marketplace immediately afterwards so that items price as you need them to.

Users should also note that RepricerExpress billing is per sku per channel - even if it is the same SKUs/products on each.

So if you have 5000 repricing on Amazon US, 6000 repricing on Amazon UK, and 4000 on Amazon DE - this is 15000 repricing in total - so you should choose a plan for 15000 in total. The Modify channel screen shows the number you have pricing on each channel.

The SKUs price checking figure on the dashboard shows the number of individual SKUs- not the number repricing.

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