(D) What Bulk Import Options Are Available?


There are 2 types of Bulk Import files. Those to set Min & Max (to allow a product to price check) - and those where you manually want to fix a price for certain products by turning off price checking for those products and specifying a fixed price.

For Min & Max - you need to set a minimum and maximum price per sku to enable the product to price check automatically. Rule name is optional - and is associated with the Advanced pricing rule setup (see Amazon Settings in RepricerExpress for this).

For Fixed Price - you will get an export of all skus and their current prices on each Channel. If you wish you can decide to 'Fix a price' for certain skus by turning off the automatic pricing option for that sku/channel, setting the price and re-importing.

On the Bulk Imports Screen - by selecting an option in the top drop down list - you will automatically download a pre-populated template file - which is in the correct format for bulk importing back into RepricerExpress e.g. Min & Max format or Fixed Price format

You can use the 2nd dropdown on the Bulk Imports screen to re-import the file.

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