(U) How Do I Use The My Inventory Information?


[You can access the My Inventory Screen by selecting 'My Inventory' on your menu bar]

The My Inventory Screen is where you will see your products within RepricerExpress. The screen will allow you to review your products, their pricing, their pricing history and update your Min/Max prices. You can filter the list and search it using the filter options available. You can also use the Display Preferences to display up to 100 listings on the page at once.

The grid shows the results of your filters with each product shown. You will see also see price per SKU on each channel. The colours of the pricing columns change depending on the last price check results -with the legend detailing what each colour relates to:


You can also jump directly to view the listing on each channel by clicking the price for that channel. f you click on the title you will be shown a pop-up window showing the information on that particular sku. This allows you to edit the product information for this sku e.g. set min & max, turn off auto pricing:


The 'Info' icon on the grid (small chart) can also be clicked to view additional pricing history information for each SKU. You can also edit/set min & max and turn on or off auto pricing in bulk by ticking each SKU you wish to update (or use the select all option). Then click on the Bulk Edit products option and select the appropriate option.

You can also export the information from this screen using the export option under the grid.

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