(D) How Do I Link My Channels To RepricerExpress? (Inital Settings)


As part of your registration process for RepricerExpress you will need to add your Amazon MWS details / Rakuten Play.com logins to your account. Our Initial Settings will walk you through this process when you first signup for your account, we'll show you the steps here as well.


For Amazon, RepricerExpress will ask you for your Seller ID, you will get this from Amazon. To get this ID click on the 'Sign Up' button and an Amazon window will pop-up. Once you have logged into Amazon you will be be shown a screen such as the one below. Select the second option, 'I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS'. Enter the following details in the required boxes,

Application Name - RepricerExpress
Application Developer Account Number - 3464-6973-0700

Application Name - Repricerexpress
US/Canada Application's Developer Account Number - 6736-5573-6394

 Application Name - repricerexpress
Japan Application's Developer Account Number - 5128-2136-5235

Once you have done this click 'Next', accept the Terms and Conditions and Amazon will display your Seller ID to you. Copy this over to RepricerExpress and update your details. Congratulations you will have now linked your RepricerExpress account to Amazon and can start to reprice your products.


If you are adding Rakuten Play.com to your account you only need to add your Rakuten Play.com login details. These are the details you use to login to your Seller Account or Merchant Tool Box Account. Once you have entered these details click 'Verify Details' to continue your setup.

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