(D) Why Does RepricerExpress Report Amazon MWS Link Unauthorized?


Why does RepricerExpress report Amazon MWS Link unauthorized?

During your initial setup - you have to 'link' your Amazon account to RepricerExpress to give us the ability to request inventory reports and download these into RepricerExpress.

Some users experience difficulties at this stage - and some will get an error message like this:

Amazon US MWS Link unauthorized, contact support@repricerexpress.com or try again later


Essentially this means that we take the Merchant ID you have entered and ask Amazon if this is valid and linked to RepricerExpress.  Sometimes users can copy over the wrong information from Amazon MWS - and sometimes users don't link their account to RepricerExpress to give us access. Occasionally there can be a little bit of a delay at Amazons end between when the user 'links' to RepricerExpress and when Amazon complete this linking process.

So we recommend that you recheck you have followed the link account steps properly and copied over the correct information (Merchant ID) - and also repeat the process again after a few minutes in case there is a delay.

This help file and video can also help you:




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