(D) Set a Min/Max across ALL your inventory


[You can only access this screen when doing your initial settings and before you upload your Min & Max prices]

The first option you can use to set your Min / Max prices after you import your listings is across all of your products. This screen allows you to set your Min / Max prices either based on your Amazon/Rakuten Play current price or a flat number for each of your listings.

NB. These options will only apply to products which were initially imported from Amazon/Rakuten Play, when products are later added to RepricerExpress you can add your own minimum price then.
NB. Your minimum price needs to include whatever money you would have received from Amazon for postage as well. For example, £1 + £1.20 delivery is £2.20.

Setting your Min / Max by Amazon/Rakuten Play Price:
The option (1 below) allows you to take your current Amazon/Rakuten Play price for each of your products and tweak it to make your Min Max's across the board. You can use a percentage or value (or mix of both). For example you could set your Minimum price to be -20%, Max Price to be +20%. Below are some example of how this would look to your listings,

Current Amazon Price - £10
New Minimum (-20%) - £8
New Maximum (+20%) - £12

Current Amazon price £25
New Minimum (-20%) - £20
New Maximum (+20%) - £30

Current Amazon price £450
New Minimum (-20%) - £360
New Maximum (+20%) - £540

Setting the same Min / Max for all products:
If you are selling your products with the same Min / Max price in mind (for example 99p minimum) you can use this option (2 below) to set a single Minimum and Maximum Price for all of your products. Only use this option if you are sure you want to set this price across every single listing you have imported from Amazon/Rakuten Play.


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