(D) What Start-up Tasks Are Needed To Use RepricerExpress?


Getting started on RepricerExpress is easy!

We've worked hard to make the whole process as easy to use as possible - and there are just a few simple steps to follow to get automatic repricing in no time at all. Once you have registered for your account you will be guided through the steps listed below on-screen.

  1. Register for a RepricerExpress account (www.RepricerExpress.com\registration.aspx)
  2. Select the channels you wish to run automatic repricing on
  3. Link your accounts/channels to RepricerExpress
  4. RepricerExpress will then import your active listings from the channels you have selected (and it repeats this process daily to pull in any new stock you have added)
  5. Set Min & Max prices per product (various ways to achieve this)
  6. Enable your account and RepricerExpress does all the work for you!

And if you ever get stuck or have any questions - contact our support team at Support@RepricerExpress.com


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