(D) How Do I Add Products Into RepricerExpress?


RepricerExpress has been designed to make the process of pricing your products as easy as possible. With this in mind you new products will be downloaded automatically from Amazon/Rakuten Play every few hours. Any products you list on Amazon/Rakuten Play will be downloaded into RepricerExpress. Once they have been downloaded you can add your Minimum and Maximum Prices to allow them to start pricing for you. 

Once new products have been downloaded and need minimum and maximum prices they will be listed on your Dashboard. Click on the 'Needs Min Max' option to open a convenient list of your products in need of minimum and maximum prices. You can also download a list of these products to update in bulk through the 'Bulk Import' screen.


This means that RepricerExpress will only update your pricing and not your quantities. If you are looking for a tool to control your inventory then we would recommend our sister system - www.SellerExpress.com.

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