(U) What Does The RepricerExpress Dashboard Information Mean?


[You can access the Dashboard by selecting 'Dashboard' on your menu bar. It is also the first screen you see when you login]

The dashboard  on RepricerExpress gives you a summary of your price checking at a glance. On this helpfile I will walk you through the most important features on the Dashboard.

You are able to break this information down by channel while it is displayed for all channels by default. Use the Dropdown "All Channels" to do this. The number boxes above the Chart give you more information about your most recent price check. Please find an explanation of what each box means below, Click on the number at any time to open a list of the products in this grouping.

Price Checking: The number of your products which have been set to price check.
Need Mix/Max: The products you have recently added to Amazon or you haven't given a Mix/Max price to.
Fixed Price: Products you have decided to leave at a fixed price rather than price check.

Lowest Price: Your products which are currently the cheapest available.
At Min: Your products which are currently at your minimum price.
At Max: Your products which are currently at your maximum price.

NB. Need Min/Max products will not reprice until you give them a Min/Max price.  


The line chart below shows these same values (low, min and max) but details how they have changed over the last 7 days. This will give you a good idea of how well you are pricing and if you should review your Min / Max prices.


The pie chart then shows all the results of the last price check. The legend along the bottom shows all the colours and what they relate to. The same colours are used throughout RepricerExpress (e.g in My Inventory). If you click on any of the colours on the key it will link you to a full list of the products which fit into this grouping.


The bottom of your Dashboard includes a gauge indicating how long your last price check tool to complete. This is a good indicator of if you should consider additional pricing engines. To the right there is also a News & Announcements section where you will get the latest news on RepricerExpress.


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