(D) How Do You Assign Products To Specific Rules?


This help file will help explain why you would want multiple pricing rules, how to create them, and how to apply them to your products.


Why would you want multiple rules?

An example might be if you had some stock which you wanted to beat competitors by an amount each time and some stock you wanted to match the lowest price rather than beat. You could create 2 new rules (e.g. one called Beat Sellers and one called Match Sellers) - and have the settings adjusted on these 2 rules accordingly. Then on your min/max import - you can populate the Rulename column with either 'Beat Sellers' or 'Match Sellers'.


Using rules on multiple marketplaces

If you are selling on multiple marketplaces you will have to use the same rule names as there is only one field for rule name. If you have have an Amazon UK account and US account and have a rule setup for UK called UK1 and a different rule setup for US called US1. You would only be able to add one rule name to the product, so if you apply the UK1 rule for that product, you cannot assign the US1 rule and for the product on Amazon.com the default rule will be applied. If you are using multiple marketplaces with RepricerExpress you have to use the same rule names for each marketplace. So if you are selling CDs and DVDs, you could have a rule name called DVDs in each marketplace so when you assign the rule it will apply for each marketplace 


How can you create multiple rules?

To add rules in RepricerExpress you can do this by navigating to the pricing rules by going to Price Settings, then Amazon Settings or Play Settings then click on the pricing rules tab. Once you click add rule you will see this screen. You can see you are able to set a percentage or currency amount that you want to beat Amazon / FBA and also other sellers. You can also add an amount onto the min and max prices here, or leave them as they are if you are happy with the min and max prices you have set on your products. Once you have entered all the details click finish and your rule will be added.




 How can you apply your pricing rules?

The min/max import in RepricerExpress allows you to set min and max prices in bulk via a CSV file. You can access this in the menu under Bulk Imports. You will have to select the import file for Set Min / Max Prices (All skus), this will download the file to your PC with all your products. 

This import contains a 'Rulename' column which is optional. But if you put a value in this column - then RepricerExpress will assign the product to the repricing rule with this name. If you haven't already created this rule - then the import will create a new rule (based on the default rule) - and you can then modify the rule settings as you see fit.


You can also apply rules via condition. You can see from the image above the is a drop down for condition. This is not a setting to set which conditions you want to reprice against on Amazon. You would use this setting if you wanted different rules for each condition for your products. So if you select, New, that rule will apply to all new condition products in your inventory, or, used like new, the rule would apply to all those products in your inventory.


Note - you must use the Advanced rather than Basic pricing option to add/modify additional rules.

Note than on the Bulk Import screen - you can export a pre-populated CSV file containing all your current products and then re-import this file with the Rulename column populated.

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