(D) [Amazon Specific] Why Are My Prices Right In RepricerExpress But Not On Amazon?


When RepricerExpress checks your pricing on Amazon we upload a report to update your prices. This means there is a period after we have priced your product and updated it in RepricerExpress when your product might not be selling at this price on Amazon yet. Normally Amazon can process these reports in a few minutes so you won't notice however in periods where Amazon's site is under stress it might take longer for your prices to update.

You can see the queue of files on Amazon yourself. To do this,

  • Login to your Amazon Seller Account
  • Select "Inventory"
  • Select "Add Products Via Upload"
  • Under the section "Inventory File Upload Status" you can see the most recent uploads
  • Any files in the status"Submitted" haven't been processed yet.



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