(U) [Amazon Specific] Why Am I Not Competing Against All Sellers When Using The Best Price Option?

When setting your pricing check settings there is a best price option that you can turn on or off. This is shown in the Price Check Settings tab, accessed from the menu on Price Settings, then Amazon Settings. If you hover over the I you will get an explanation of what this is for.
  • If you have this set to No and you cannot compete with the lowest seller (i.e. they are below your minimum)  you will be listed at your minimum price, if you can compete with the lowest seller then you will beat or match this seller based on your pricing rule.
  • With Best Price set to Yes you will now be able to compete with the next lowest seller. If you cannot compete with the lowest seller you will be matched to the next lowest seller that is within your min and max prices.
Please note Amazon do not return all sellers when repricing 
One of the features of Amazons new API system is that instead of returning all customers prices to be repriced it returns a list based on their feedback. The sellers who are returned are determined by “feedback grouping” with only the cheapest seller in each of these groups being given to RepricerExpress to reprice against.

This does mean that at times there will be more than one seller per feedback grouping of which only the cheapest is returned.
The lowest seller will always be available to compete against - it's the sellers that may be 4th or 5th lowest etc that may not be returned - so you only get repriced against the sellers that Amazon do send back.

NB. This means that when using “Best price” at times you won’t compete directly with the next cheapest seller

See below information directly from Amazon on this topic:
 SellerPositiveFeedbackRating (98-100%, 95-97%, 90-94%, 80-89%, 70-79%, Less than 70%, or Just launched ) –

Indicates the percentage of feedback ratings that were positive over the past 12 months.

Some (but not necessarily all) of the active offer listings for the specified product and ItemCondition, initially sorted by

the lowest landed price, are placed into their corresponding offer listing groups, and the listing with the lowest landed

price from each group is returned. If multiple sellers have listings that share the lowest landed price for a group, the listing

from the seller with the highest feedback count is returned. Groups without any listings are not returned.


If you have checked the details and still think your product(s) are pricing incorrectly please contact our support team for additional assistance


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