(D) How Do I Set Min & Max?


Products need a Min & Max set before they are eligible for repricing. To keep RepricerExpress pricing setup easy to use - we've done a lot of the hard work for you behind the scenes. At it's simplest - when you set a minimum and maximum price - RepricerExpress then knows what the limits are for each product.

So it never reprices you below your minimum or above your maximum. Simple.

Note that your minimum price should be inclusive of your postage.

RepricerExpress provides 3 ways of setting Minimum & Maximum prices per product:

  1. Bulk Imports. Via this screen you can download a pre-populated file with the list of products that need Min & Max set. You can then edit this file and upload it back into RepricerExpress to set the prices in bulk. This is recommended if you have a large number of products to set
  2. My Inventory. By clicking on a product title - you can set Min & Max on the pop-up window for an individual product.
  3. My Inventory in Bulk. If you tick multiple products and the 'Bulk Update Products' you can set Min & Max for the selected products in bulk using some basic formula. This can also be used if you wanted to increase/decrease Min & Max prices that have already been set.
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