[Amazon Specific] Can I Have Multiple Pricing Engines?


Normally your RepricerExpress account will have a single repricing engine. This is fine for most sellers but if you sell on many marketplaces or have a large number of products for sale you might benefit from running more than one at a time. On the RepricerExpress dashboard you will have an indicator of how long it takes for your products to reprice, if this indicator is in orange or red when we would recommend an extra pricing engine or two to help speed up your repricing.

Every pricing engine will close to half the time that your products take to reprice. You can request extra pricing engines by clicking 'My Account', 'Modify Plan' and they cost an extra £10pm (exVAT). If you have any questions regarding this email support@repricerexpress.com

NB. Multiple Pricing Engines are only available for Amazon.


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