Working with CSV files


Imports and Exports in RepricerExpress are all in .CSV format (see for more info on CSV files).

There are a couple of important things to remember when working with CSV files:

  • No data within the file can contain a comma - as this will change the format of the file and cause any import to fail
  • If you have any numeric Skus e.g. 123456790123  - you will need to format the Sku column to be a number column with 0 decimal places-  prior to importing - otherwise tools like Excel will change the Sku automatically and RepricerExpress won't be able to match the Sku to update your min/max price etc. For example - some sellers will use the barcode as the Sku - and this often can be corrupted by spreadsheet tools.
  • If you have a numeric Sku which begins with a zero - e.g. 012345 - then Excel and other spread sheet tools will likely 'remove' any leading zeros. If this is the case - then you can put a ` character (usually known as the grave or grave account character - found on the key to the left of the 1 key) immediately before any zeros. So 00112233 would become `00112233. RepricerExpress knows then to strip off this character when importing. Note that any exports produced by RepricerExpress will automatically contain the ` character before any leading zero Skus.
  • When you go to save - choose 'Save As' and select CSV format
  • Always review your CSV file after any updates (close and reopen) - prior to importing - to ensure the data you have saved is still in the correct format


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