Do You Need a Seperate Min & Max Price Per Channel?


One question we get asked from time to time is 'Can i have a separate min and max price for each channel?'.

Normally in RepricerExpress - you set 1 minimum and 1 maximum price per product - so the same min and max is used across all your marketplaces. And if you need to adjust your min price for example on Amazon Germany - you'd do so by modifying the minimum price setting in your pricing rules (Advanced pricing option only).

This works for most sellers. But for some - they need a specific min and max for each marketplace. The simple answer here - is have a separate RepricerExpress account for each Amazon marketplace! This obviously then allows you to set a specific min & max per product per channel.

And doing this may not cost you any more - as your RepricerExpress pricing plan is based on 'number of price checks' - so one account with 2 marketplaces - may cost the same as 2 accounts with 1 marketplace each (assuming you have roughly the same amount of SKUs price checking on each Amazon).

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